Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Little boys are so creative!

Wyatt likes his toys clean. He often slips his toys into a running washing machine, a running dishwasher, or the toilet bowl to get them good and clean. On this day, he wanted to make certain that his elephant was shiny and clean, so he took a more "hands on" approach.


Catherine said...

I can't see the video or picture you added to this post, but I can only imagine!! How funny. Boys . . . they are crazy, aren't they?

Love the two little girls you have. They DO look so sweet! Enjoy them.

I got a few other good laughs with those pictures of Wyatt (in the dog kennel, and asleep on the kitchen bench). Hilarious.

HE is growing up and he IS handsome! You go, Momma!

Anaise said...

This is just funny!

thecrazycantwells said...

That is hilarious! I love it! And he didn't seem to mind at all that the agitator was moving!! LOL! I love it!