Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy with the end result

Maybe I am the only person with this problem, but family picture day is the MOST STRESSFUL day for me!!! That is why yesterday I had planned everything out just perfectly, we decided to just photograph the kids so John and I could help position, chorale, and entertain them without worrying about whether we're looking at the camera, or whether the expression on our face reflects the stress and frustration we're feeling inside as we wait for the photographer to snap the picture before Wyatt, or whomever, goes running from the room. I scheduled the time for 6:00 so John would be home from work and could help me at the studio. I purchased all of their clothes, hairbows, etc well in advance. As you can imagine, my well thought out plan did not go as I had hoped. My house was Grand Central Station all day yesterday! Phone ringing, knock at the door, phone ringing again, kids home from school, everybody in the bath, someone's having a meltdown about their clothes, phone ringing, someone's having a meltdown about their hair, that's okay-John will be home soon to pick up the slack, phone ringing.....John's held up at work....guess I'm on my own, dinner's ready-nobody likes what we're having, more tears, more tantrums, and we're not even out the door yet!

Finally we arrive at the studio (5 minutes early I might add) and we walk in to a full waiting room. I check in and ask, "are you guys running behind a bit?" Their answer, "Oh no, we're just finishing up and we'll be ready for you shortly". I've heard that line before and should have known better, I SHOULD have taken the kids out to the van to watch movies until they were REALLY ready for us, but thought we could manage. AFter 25, yes 25 minutes, of trying to keep Wyatt's hands out of the toilet bowl and the drinking fountain, trying to keep Wyatt from running into other people's photo shoots, trying to keep him from grabbing toys out of other people's unattended bags (seriously, at least zip them up), it was finally our turn. Those of you who have had 2 year old boys know what fun it is to try to get them to hold still for a picture. I'm still too exhausted to even try to recap all the work it took to get just a few good shots. But I must say, I was very pleased with the end result. Despite all of the effort, stress, energy, and waiting it took to get these shots, I know they are absolutely my favorite!

Love this picture! Childrens' faces show so much JOY!
Sisterly love! What sweet girls we have been blessed with!

This captivates Wyatt's true passion and personality:
1) He loves all things Mickey Mouse (he's holding Mickey and Goofy in the picture)
2) He's always on the move!
3) He's the sweetest little boy you'll ever meet!

Sweet Saige...this picture shows her full of sweetness, a little bit of sassiness, and beauty!