Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Riding Calvin

My favorite cowboy!

Wyatt's second horse therapy session with Katie, Rachel, and most important of all Calvin! What a perfectly georgous Missouri spring day. Blue skies, fluffy clouds, green grass, and a horse ride.

Wyatt rode for about 50 minutes (yes, that's 5-0-). For a kid whose attention span is normally 2 minutes max, this was pretty phenomenal. In fact, when it was time to go Wyatt grabbed hold of the saddle and protested getting of Calvin. I think he is looking forward to his next ride already!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Missouri Autism Reform Passes!!!!

May 12th, what a great day for kids in the state of Missouri. After years of a hard fought battle, they have finally passed insurance reform in missouri for kids with Autism. Up until now, 99% of all insurance plans in the state of missouri excluded coverage for ABA therapy, speech therapy, and Occupational therapy for kids with Autism. Why? Because they could. Insurance companies would not even pay for a parent to take their child to a Developmental Pediatrician to be tested for and diagnosed with Autism (We received an $8000 bill from Children's Mercy to prove it). Now, insurance companies are required by law to cover these necessary treatments. Parent no longer have to go bankrupt, borrow money, or move to areas that have better laws to pay for such treatments. These kids have such a bright future now. I am both excited and greatful for all those parents who made the trip to Jeff City over the years to lobby for this reform. Your work has paid off and so many families (including mine) are eternally greatful!

As a side note, here's a link to a story featuring Wyatt's Autism preschool today regarding this important legislation. What a cute kid we have been blessed with!!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wyatt first Horse experience

Wyatt had his first horse therapy session today and he loved it! Wyatt loves horses, and all animals. Unfortunately we are just not big animal people at our house, so we decided to try some horse therapy. This first session was mostly about being introduced to the stables, the horses, how to brush, etc. Next time he'll get to ride!!!

A dog even came by to say hi. Wyatt was in heaven!

He at least got to sit in a saddle, next time the saddle will be on a real horse!

Woah, not sure wht to think at first

Brushing the horse

Petting a foal who is 1 month old. Very sweet!

Loved those nostrils!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Saige's Art Show

I'm not sure where she gets her talent from, but Saige sure is a great artist! Here is a picture of her in front of her "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" poster.

Here are a few of her art projects this year. Great job Saige!