Friday, January 22, 2010

Way cute game!

This is for our wonderful therapists who we miss very much!

This is one of Wyatt's many "back and forth" games he has recently decided he loves to play with us. They are silly, and to an untrained eye don't look like much. But for kids with Autism, THIS IS HUGE!

I especially love the look on Saige's face when she sees Wyatt participate. She has become quite a good little speech/ot/special instructor for him. She tells me now that when she grows up she wants to be a therapist, a teacher, a fashion designer and a model. Go for it girl!

This boy needs a dog!

We do not have good luck with pets. We had two cats die in our first two years of marriage. We had a dog at one point, but he had to "go live with his mommy" (at least as far as Saige is concerned). The other day we "dog sat" our neighbors pooch and, despite our past history, I think this boy needs a dog! Wyatt immediately started panting like a dog, and chased Truman around this entire house the whole time he was here. The stumbling block, John. I've got some major convincing to do. Any ideas?

Friday, January 1, 2010

Last day

I don't even know how to start or finish this blog post. Some of you may already have heard that Micheala and Mariah have moved to their biological grandmother's house on December 30th. They have lived in our home for two years (since November 2007), and had been in foster care for nearly 2 1/2 years (beginning August 2007). It has taken a while, but their maternal grandmother has been given guardianship of all four girls. Although it doesn't feel like it, this is how it is supposed to work. Foster care is supposed to be temporary, kids are supposed to be with their biological families if at all possible, and being in stable homes with their biological families really is the best place for them.
We've had conversations with many people about why we do foster care, and it is always difficult to explain. It is something we have truly felt inspired to do. We feel a calling to do it. We feel good about what we were able to provide for the girls while they were in our home. Love, comfort, stability, education, warmth, and security. We have learned that there is much we can not control. We can't control what happens in their lives from this point on, but we can feel good about the last two years and hope that we made some impact on their lives that will carry them through an challenges that may come.
We apologize for not letting many people know ahead of time. It was partially because we didn't know if this would all go through for sure, and partially in an effort to help this be as smooth as possible for the girls. They were truly excited to get to live with their grandma and with their sisters again. We really tried to focus on the "positives" over the last few weeks and not so much on the sadness of leaving their current life behind. We focused on being around their biological family again, getting to go to a new school, getting a new bedroom, new toys, new house, new neighborhood, new teachers, and making new friends. It was an exciting time for them instead of a sad time which is what we felt was best for them.
I thought I would try to answer many of your questions as briefly as I can...
Yes, their grandmother is allowing us to remain in contact with them.
Yes, we've heard from them already and they are doing fine.
No, they don't live in the KC area so it will be difficult to actually see them again.
Yes, we will foster again, but not for several months.
Yes, we are all doing fine. It is a BIG adjustment period for us that will take a while, but we are managing and are settling into our new routines.
Yes, we miss them terribly.
After the big "good bye" on Thursday, we took Saige to Build a Bear for a little "Bear therapy". I think she did a great job dressing her new tiger. We also went to see the Princess and the Frog that night, then to Coco Key on New Years. Yes, we are trying to distract ourselves.... :)
Thank you all for the love, friendship, and compassion you have shown to these sweet girls over the last two years! I know their lives have been made better for it!

Christmas morning 2009

My "surprised" look (I picked out my own Christmas gift)

Mariah with dress up stuff, Saige with her DS

Wyatt loved his tunnel toy, Micheala with her genuine "surprised" look!